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The East Toronto Latvian Lutheran congregation has worshipped at St. Barnabas for over 60 years. Truly God has been merciful to our people and has given this church as a refuge and strength.
We are truly thankful to St. Barnabas parish

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Pastor Rev. Dr. Anita Gaide  905-477-7042
To contact the Community call Juris Jente 416-221-2275

East Toronto Latvian Lutheran Church Mission Statement

The mission of the East Toronto Latvian Lutheran church is to present the gospel of Jesus Christ in an open, inclusive and welcoming environment. We adhere to the Lutheran tenets of sola Scriptura sola fide and sola gratia (by Scripture alone, by faith alone and by grace alone). We confess our faith in the triune God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit as expressed in the creeds of the Christian church.

God in his infinite mercy has allowed our church to worship at St. Barnabas on the Danforth Anglican Church for over sixty years. We give thanks to Jesus Christ, infinitely gracious, infinitely faithful for this unique, but challenging journey in faith. Our people are always thankful to the ministry, leadership and people of St. Barnabas for their hospitality.

Our services are in Latvian and English and are open to all people of faith, as well as those who are interested in exploring their own faith and spirituality. Worship services are held twice an month. We also offer Bible studies and discussion about the foundations of the Christian faith.

Pastoral counselling is available and we minister to the sick and shut-ins. Open to the Latvian community, we invite the community to share and to participate in our services and activities.

Mindful of the powerful impact of music on worship, we often invite professional musicians from Toronto, Ottawa and Latvia to give concerts, workshops and participate in worship services . J.S. Bach signed his manuscripts ‘soli Deo gloria’. Only to God is the glory! We concur.

Online Organ Recital • July 2020
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East Toronto Latvian Lutheran Community
Latvian Congregation Latvian Congregation

Austrum Draudze

As per government restrictions, all services have been suspended until further notice.

For information, please contact the pastor or community member - see notice on left

Hymns and Chorale Preludes • June 9, 2020

East Toronto Latvian Lutheran Congregation
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Participants in the video are Tenor Ivars Gaide, Organ Anita Gaide and Michael Rundans. The congregation has been meeting at St Barnabas for over 60 years. See here »


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