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St Barnabas on the Danforth
The St Barnabas
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Getting to St Barnabas
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East Toronto Latvian Lutheran Community see here »

Out of the Cold is a volunteer initiative by Toronto area synagogues, churches and faith communities to serve as Host Sites that offer shelter, hospitality and refuge to people who are homeless in the City of Toronto.

Donations of winter clothing should be brought to Eastminster United Church (main Jackman Ave door). Please label all donations “OOTC”. more about Out of the cold here »

more about Taizé at
St Barnabas here »

The deadline to submit articles for the December Banner is Sunday, November 18 so please have those ready!

St Barnabas on the Danforth

Practices Thursdays 7:45pm – 9:15pm

The choir welcomes new, enthusiastic singers to join. An ability to read music desired but not essential. A commitment to Thursday practices and Sunday morning services expected.

Please speak to our Music Director, Konrad Harley or email »

See choir/music webpage here »

Sundays at St. Barnabas on the Danforth
Sunday BulletinREIGN OF CHRIST
Sunday November 25, 2018
  • 9:00am - SAID EUCHARIST
  • 10:30am - SUNG EUCHARIST
    • Readings: 2 Samuel 23:1-7; Psalm 132:1-13; Revelation 1:4b-8; John 18:33-37 - Preview readings (NRSV Bible) here »
    • Music:
      • This Sunday's Music listed here »
      • Music list now through to to 3 March, 2018: view and/or download here »
      • Music, choir & organ - webpage - here »
    • Christian Education at St.Barnabas - We welcome our children in worship see below ». Shukura Alleyne is the Youth & Childrens Minister at St. Barnabas - contact Shukura via email at childrenst.barnabas@gmail.com
    • Service bulletins and archive previously displayed on the website have been removed for copyright reasons.

  • Accessibility elevator at the Hampton Avenue entranceACCESSIBILITY -use of the elevator is available via the Hampton Avenue entrance
  • THURSDAY EUCHARISTS at 12-noon in the Chancel.
  • NEXT TAIZÉ SERVICE - a quiet meditative service of prayer and song - doors open at 6:30pm for a short rehearsal - 7pm (3rd Sunday of the month)- More on Taizé see here »

All are welcome at St. Barnabas!
  • ALL ARE WELCOME to services at St. Barnabas!
    Location map here » / Contact info here »
  • EAST TORONTO LUTHERAN COMMUNITY - AUSTRUM DRAUDZE worships at St. Barnabas - details & service information here »
  • PRAYER REQUESTS can be written in the St Barnabas Church Intercessory Book (blue folder) at the back of the church. These requests will be mentioned during the Prayers of the People.
  • * FLORAL OFFERINGS - Remember you can help to make our church beautiful each Sunday by contributing what you can towards the flowers on the altar. Place a donation in your envelope and mark it for flowers and it will help us to make sure that there is a beautiful floral arrangement each Sunday.

  • COFFEE TIME at St Barnabas: We are in need of parishioners willing to prepare coffee before the service, serve the coffee and to clean up afterwards. Families or groups of parishioners need only sign up for one Sunday a month. This commitment includes bringing refreshments, too. Please speak to Helen Taylor after the service.
  • TaizéNISBET LODGE - St Barnabas conducts worship services for the residents of Nisbet Lodge on the 4th Sunday of each month at 2:15pm (except during July & August). See Nisbet Lodge website »
  • FORWARD DAY BY DAY – Regular (10 copies) and Large print (10 copies) are now available at the back of the church. A minimum donation of $2 is appreciated to help defray costs. You can also read it online here »

Christian Education at St. Barnabas
With the help of parents and volunteers, we are ready and able to welcome new families. Children and welcome at St. Barnabas. Here is our Sunday pattern:
  • SUNDAY SCHOOL meets weekly
  • We gather in the main church for the start of the service
  • There is a children’s focus time in the service
  • Then off to class for approx. 20-25 min.
  • Returning for Communion with family.
  • Refreshments following!
  • Shukura Alleyne is the Youth & Childrens Minister at St. Barnabas - contact Shukura via email at childrenst.barnabas@gmail.com
PAR: Pre-Authorized Remittance Update
    • THE LEADERSHIP TEAM thanks those of our community that have signed up for the preauthorized giving initiative and apologize for the length of time it has taken for this program to become active.
    • At the present moment, the Diocese is in the process of making some changes to the program and does not wish to add any new participants until the changes are complete.
    • The most up to date information we have is that the diocese should be ready to move forward in early fall. At that point, the leadership team will be in contact with everyone who has signed up to advise them on the date when withdrawals from their banks will start.
    • For those who are still considering being part of this initiative, signup forms are at the back of the church. We would encourage you to speak to a member of the leadership team if you have any questions.

    • Are you being called? Are you being called to join St. Barnabas’ Visiting Ministry Team? We want to expand this important ministry within our parish. Please speak to Barb Wilkins or the clergy.
    • Sing any hymn you want any time! text with music accompaniment here »
Following The Way of Jesus here at St Barnabas connects us with the beauty of what is holy and true. We share the heart of our patron Barnabas in service to the dispossessed and advocacy for the marginalized.

We seek to open the heart and enliven the mind through literature, art, music and study. We derive nourishment from roots that link us with the wisdom and spiritual practices of many ages. We celebrate creativity and excellence in choral music.

Come visit and find out more about being here.


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